Sunday, August 5, 2018

Raising Children with an Eternal Mindset

The concept of an eternal mindset is so challenging while our flesh is still here on earth.  There's a reason we feel a constant tug for more, a sense of general unease even on the sunniest of days.  We're homesick.  Homesick for our real home in Heaven.  When I wrap my mind around this, I find it SO much easier to let the stress of this life melt away.   Our true prize, our joy, our hope, is in Jesus and that will fully be realized when we're in Heaven with Him!

Until then I try to teach my boys that no matter what disappointments they face, it's only a tiny blip of time compared to the eternity we'll have with Jesus.  To be the light in those moments to others so that people will wonder how they can be hopeful in times of despair.  We're learning what that looks like for 9 and 15 year old boys lol but I'm so thankful that I can pray this prayer and ask for God's help whenever I need it... which is constantly 😆😇

I hope you find this verse and prayer encouraging as you lead your children and loved ones today!

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Monday, June 18, 2018

One Kit... Three Ways

Our new weekly kits are here and y'all are grabbing them up as fast as I can print 'em!  I worked really hard on these new templates so I'm overjoyed that you love them as much as I do =)

My favorite thing is that you can style them in so many ways.  Whether you like no white space or plenty, our kits will work for you.  Here's a progression of one kit styled three ways...

weekly planner sticker kit on an erin condren lifeplanner
This first shot is from our ESV "Dance It Out" kit minimally styled with just the date covers, washi, thankful thought box and full art boxes.  This layout works great for a busy week where you have to pencil in a lot of things or if you like to add stickers as your week fills up.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Featured Gallery

Here's some of our favorite client submitted photos featuring our FPS pretties 😄  
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